Northern Arizona Healthcare ensures residents receive high-quality cardiology care

Your access to cardiology care in the hospital and clinic are vital to a community, which is why Northern Arizona Healthcare, in partnership with the physician and provider community, is committed to ensuring they are available.

Cardiologist Dr. Kent Winkler, who owns and operates Mountain Heart, has announced his retirement and the sale of his practice to Northern Arizona Healthcare.

“I’ve had the pleasure of serving our community in partnership with Northern Arizona Healthcare, and am pleased this service will continue for our patients,” Winkler said.

Winkler will continue to operate Mountain Heart’s cardiology and sleep services until the sale is finalized in the spring. NAH will operate these services after the sale.

“Cardiology is a very important service in this community and all of Northern Arizona,” said Josh Tinkle, NAH Chief Administrative Officer in Flagstaff. “As the primary health system in the region, it is our responsibility to ensure this is not disrupted during the transition. All of the physicians previously seeing patients at Mountain Heart will continue to do so now and after Dr. Winkler’s retirement and the closing of the sale of his practice.”

NAH anticipates the transition to be final in the spring, at which time it will take over the cardiology clinic in the current Mountain Heart location. Patients can continue to call 928-226-6400 to schedule appointments.

The cardiology clinic will be incorporated into a larger plan to integrate cardiology care across Northern Arizona. NAH’s vision for cardiology is that every resident in the region has access to consistent, high-quality care in the right place at the right time.