Northern Arizona Healthcare discontinues its joint FEMA mAB clinics in Flagstaff and Cottonwood

Due to the lower number of daily COVID-19 cases as well as fewer requests for treatments, the Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) monoclonal antibody clinics at the Flagstaff and Cottonwood locations will be closing. The last treatments will be administered by NAH on Friday, March 4, 2022.  

For patients who may need treatment for COVID-19, we recommend they call their primary care provider. Patients who may qualify for monoclonal antibody treatments can contact Vuori Health Services at 928-224-2834 for information. Vuori Health, which is not affiliated with NAH, provides at-home infusions in northern Arizona. 

NAH remains committed to providing the local community with high-quality health care. We have offered a variety of treatments to patients battling COVID-19, including access to monoclonal antibody clinics. These clinics were opened with assistance from FEMA in response to the surge of the omicron variant that was prevalent in the United States. NAH is proud to have administered these treatments for the community. We hope our community will join us in celebrating the decline of COVID-19 cases, however, we continue to urge vaccination and vigilance to prevent future surges.