Northern Arizona Healthcare announces plans for Sedona Campus emergency department 

Honored to serve you 

Northern Arizona Healthcare is committed to the health and wellness of all communities that we serve, including Sedona. Since 1993, we have had the honor to serve Sedona and the surrounding areas with a wide variety of high quality services and exceptional care. Our mission to “improve health and heal people” comes alive as we continue to provide better and more comprehensive healthcare services for everyone in the Verde Valley. We look forward to serving you for the next generation and many beyond.  

Living up to your trust 

The Sedona Campus opened the emergency department 24 years ago in 1996. During that time, we have received feedback from residents within the community expressing the great satisfaction with the care you or a loved one received during your time of need. Recently we received more feedback in many community forums and discussions with community members. Thank you to those of you who engaged with us and spent time listening and learning about NAH. In response to those discussions, we are making a commitment to continue to operate the Sedona Emergency Department for at least 5 years, recognizing that Northern Arizona Healthcare periodically reviews its services throughout the system. Continuing a positive partnership with the city of Sedona is vital, and we look forward to continued collaboration for your healthcare and wellness needs. 

Your health and wellness are our top priority. Each day, we continue to develop a master facility and services plan for all regions, communities, families and patients served by Northern Arizona Healthcare. As you know, in Sedona, we have plans to develop a breast cancer center and introduce an integrative medicine program to expand care of the mind, body and spirit. We will also engage various community members for insights and discussions as we evolve our health care services. 

Continuing to care for you 

Qualified staffing, diagnostics, transport services and coordination of your care with other NAH entities will continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As you have been pleased with the service at the Sedona Emergency Department, we will continue to employ physicians in this Sedona ED.  

From multi-disciplinary primary and specialty care; EntireCare Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine; breast and other cancer care; orthopedics; cardiology; laboratory services and many more, expert services are available for you, close to home. We hope you continue to count on us to be there for you and your family when you need it the most, even in non-emergency situations.