Northern Arizona Healthcare and Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation announce new approach to help meet region’s healthcare needs

Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) today announced the creation of a new nonprofit organization tasked with soliciting major donations to help build the healthcare system of the future for the northern Arizona community.  

The new organization, designed to meet the complex healthcare needs of our unique and rural populations, will help ensure the resources needed to support care are available both now and in the future.  

Its creation is a recognition of the growing community in northern Arizona, which attracts new residents and visitors from around the world due to its high quality of life. 

“We must work to ensure the best quality of care,” said Florence Spyrow, NAH president and CEO. “That will require a higher level of major gifts than we have ever achieved. The new donations will be invested in innovation, new programs and technology and in facilities that are designed to meet the growing needs of our community. We also need world-class facilities to continue to attract the best talent possible to our communities. Our strategic plan focuses on investing in our people, processes and infrastructure to create a sustainable system of continual improvement.” 

Funds raised by the new organization will go toward funding various initiatives, including a cancer center and health park featuring an ambulatory care facility, as well as various renovations of existing facilities. Many other programs will be detailed over the coming months.  

The new organization will operate separately from Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation (the Foundation), which will continue to raise and award funds to support the community according to its charter. At the same time, the new organization, NAH and the Foundation look forward to future collaborative efforts. 

The Foundation, an independent charitable nonprofit, will expand its philanthropic footprint and grant-making strategies to expand community health services and resources in northern Arizona.  

“We look forward to future collaborations with the community, NAH and beyond as we continue our commitment to invest in the health of individuals and communities across northern Arizona,” Foundation President and CEO Rick Smith said.  

Additional details about the new organization will be unveiled in the coming weeks.