NAH News

Heart attack patients treated at NAH are less likely to be readmitted

Blood pressure cuff and pills

Screening tests can prevent complications from untreated, silent diseases

Sandra Rubio, MD, endocrinologist

Sandra Rubio, MD, offers endocrinology telemedicine services

Primary care patient and provider

The importance of follow-up visits after getting discharged from the hospital

Roberta Funck, PA

Roberta Funck, PA-C, specializes in treating thyroid disorders and type 2 diabetes

Flagstaff Breast Care clinic

Flagstaff Breast Care

Mental health letters

May is Mental Health Month

Stroke - Act F.A.S.T.

May is National Stroke Awareness Month

Red measuring cups

Very low-calorie diet program at the Weight Management Clinic

Baby holding hands

Childbirth classes provide a healthy start for new families

Sick family in bed

Flu season is here − learn what to do if you get the flu

Are you ready to quit smoking?

Washing hands

Tips for good hand hygiene this flu season

Salad in a jar

Salads aren’t just for summer: You can enjoy Mason jar salads year long

10 practical tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain