New Mission and Vision set stage for New Era at NAH

Healthcare is changing, and so are we. Quality of life depends largely on how good you feel – your health. At Northern Arizona Healthcare, our commitment to the communities we serve extends beyond offering care in our health centers, which is why we’ve changed our Mission and Vision.

  • Mission: Improving health, healing people.
  • Vision: Always better care. Every person, every time…together.

Our new Mission guides us as to who we are, what we believe, and what our efforts should be focused on, every day…together. Our new vision focuses us on what we want to become, the best healthcare system in Northern Arizona, by committing to being better, better, better, every time….together. “Best” will be achieved by always striving to be better, never being satisfied with how “great” we currently are. The NAH Board of Directors adopted the new Mission and Vision last fall, and we’ve spent the past nine months talking with colleagues and providers about what it means and how we live it each day.

“Looking across the changing landscape of healthcare, we felt it was time to refocus our foundational messages to aim beyond the traditional hospital setting and into the entire health setting, which also includes outpatient service, primary care, telemedicine, home health and extended care,” said Alice Gagnaire, RN, Chair of the NAH Board of Directors. “The new Mission and Vision are instrumental in guiding NAH’s current strategic planning activities.”

NAH’s Mission – Improving health, healing people – defines our purpose, while the Vision – Always better care. Every person, every time…together – is what we aspire to or hope to achieve. In addition, an organization’s Values are the behaviors of all colleagues that lead to fulfilling the Mission and achieving the Vision. NAH colleagues are currently engaged in redefining their Values through a series of focus groups and exercises aimed at capturing the thoughts of all members of the team.

“Values are essential building blocks in creating a strong, high-performing culture,” said NAH Interim CEO Florence Spyrow. “We’ve began emphasizing the importance of and recognizing colleagues for Living Our Values through a recognition program developed 18 months ago.  We will continue to integrate our Values into our expectations and performance standards as we continue to work with our colleagues in building a strong NAH culture.”

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