Meet the latest L.O.V. honorees

Each day, Northern Arizona Healthcare sees colleagues doing amazing things that reflect our NAH Values. Colleagues doing outstanding work are nominated for the L.O.V., or “Living Our Values,” Award. A ONE NAH committee reviews all nominations to select monthly honorees and quarterly champions.

The following L.O.V. award monthly honorees distinguished themselves by living specific NAH Values – show compassion; do amazing work; respect differences, build community; and be better together. Their dedication to these values builds and maintains NAH’s reputation among colleagues and throughout the communities we serve.

Makayla Anaya, patient services coordinator with NAH’s Children’s Health Center

Value: Do Amazing Work!

Makayla organized and led the Children’s Health Center’s 2018 Boo Bash. After months of planning and coordinating, she successfully orchestrated an incredible Halloween-themed event for Flagstaff children. Her efforts exemplified the importance of giving back to the community and personified  the fun and whimsy the CHC is known and loved for. Her leadership and creativity were inspiring and the necessary catalyst for a successful event that demonstrated the CHC’s high-quality, family-centered care.

Gretchen Lerch, charge RN with FMC’s Pediatrics/PICU; Colleen Little, clinical manager with FMC’s Pediatrics; and Amy Nunemaker, charge RN with FMC’s Critical Care Unit

Value: Show Compassion

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking for a family. Making the difficult choice to have that loved one become an organ donor, however, leaves a legacy of lifesaving generosity. To honor a pediatric patient and his family for this selfless gift, Gretchen, Colleen and Amy created the Hero in the House Walk of Honor. These nurse leaders worked quickly to inform FMC staff about the event and ask them to participate – and more than 240 staff members arrived to line the hall to the operating room for the very first Walk. This created a special opportunity for staff to make meaningful connections with patients, families and the community at large. Thanks to Gretchen, Colleen and Amy for doing the unexpected and exceeding all expectations.

Kelly Mott, RN; Theresa (Teri) Tallent, new colleague support coordinator at VVMC

Value: Do Amazing Work

Emergencies most often happen outside the four walls of the hospital. With that in mind, over the last three months Kelly and Teri partnered to train more than 150 community members in bystander CPR, principles of AED mechanics and choking relief. This important work ensures health and wellness are made available outside the physical boundaries of Northern Arizona Healthcare. Kelly and Teri are to be commended for getting involved in our community, making meaningful connections and doing amazing work.

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