Follow Kelly DeGraff, RN Care Manager, as she visits two of the 70 community members on her caseload

DeGraff is a care manager for NAH’s Community Care Network and she is committed to making sure our patients get the care they need after they leave the hospital.

“Most of them are elderly people that have been hospitalized, and they’re high risk for going home and maybe being hospitalized again,” DeGraff said, adding that she uses telemedicine and phone calls to keep tabs on her patients, but her favorite thing is the home visit.

She admitted that the conversations about ‘how they’re doing,’ often extend well beyond their blood pressure and clinical well-being and those are the details she enjoys the most.

“We’re able to keep an extra eye on them,” DeGraff said. “We have to get creative, and we have to think outside the box sometimes of how we can support people. Patients don’t want to come back into the hospital, so when we can prevent hospitalizations, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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