Flagstaff Medical Center recognized by VigiLanz for outstanding commitment to patient safety

Flagstaff Medical Center, part of Northern Arizona Healthcare, was one of seven hospital systems recognized for a focus on patient safety achievements and successful implementation of robust clinical surveillance programs through VigiLanz.  

Flagstaff Medical Center was specifically recognized for using VigiLanz alerts to enhance care and manage drug supply shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic, including issuing alerts to relevant providers when readmitted patients have a history of COVID-19; key medications such as Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir are ordered; and other critical medications in short supply are ordered. 

 “We were among the first and hardest hit hospitals by COVID-19,” said Kristen Bamberg, a lead critical care pharmacist at Northern Arizona Healthcare. “We worked with VigiLanz to be forward thinking about how to tackle this challenge while supporting our pharmacists, providers, nurses and patients. This enabled us to be nimble enough to work through countless therapeutic and workflow issues in real time. It’s an honor to be recognized by VigiLanz for our dedication to improving patient care.” 

VigiLanz, a clinical surveillance company, hosts the Vigi Awards each year. The awards are designed to recognize how customers’ vigilance contributes to healthier hospitals. VigiLanz customers may nominate individuals or teams who have gone above and beyond to drive optimal and innovative uses of VigiLanz to support patient care.  

“We are incredibly proud of these hospital organizations for their achievements,” said Erik Johnson, VigiLanz’s chief commercial officer. “Their improvements in patient safety, outcomes, and cost savings are exactly why we exist as an organization. We’re thrilled to recognize this year’s Vigi Awards winners and inspire others through their success. To the winners – thank you for allowing VigiLanz to be part of your success.” 

Learn more about this year’s Vigi Award winners at vigilanzcorp.com/vigi-awards/.