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Weight management group

This weight management series is a 12-week virtual group that will help patients and colleagues
achieve their weight goals. The group provides accountability, insight and ideas, and invaluable
social support.

The 12-week series is divided into three essential aspects of change. You will be asked to attend
each session and practice the skills learned at home between sessions. Participants will make
diet and exercise changes (appropriate for individual needs). Weight and body composition data
will be monitored.

You will learn how you are currently managing your health, how to make small but effective
changes and achieve long-lasting results.

Please check to see if these sessions are covered under your insurance policy. A primary care
provider referral is required.

Psychologist, Sherri Ruggiero, PhD, has helped participants achieve long-term weight loss with
this program. She has been facilitating this class for eight years. Contact Dr. Ruggiero, at
[email protected] for more information and to find the next dates and times
the group will be offered.

Series one: Behavior Change & motivation

  • Goal-setting and motivation Understanding why you eat
  • Understanding the difference between hunger, desire and cravings Giving yourself credit
  • Practicing mindful eating
  • Preventing over-eating
  • Understanding the importance of social support
  • Preparing your environment
  • Planning and tracking
  • Finding behavioral substitutions for food
  • Setting Self as a priority
  • Learning how and why to increase physical activity
  • Creating a nutrition plan
  • Creating a S.M.A.R.T. plan

Series two: Emotional eating

  • Learning stress management
  • Understanding emotions as “information”
  • Identifying the cognitive, behavioral and body sensations of emotions
  • Addressing the source of our emotional responses
  • Setting relationship boundaries
  • Identifying emotional and automatic eating
  • Finding distractions for eating triggers
  • Practicing self-compassion

Series three: Challenging old patters of thinking & problem-solving

  • Identifying harmful thoughts Challenging think errors
  • Problem-solving
  • Dealing with discouragement and plateaus Building your GRIT
  • Maintaining after you reach your goal Predicting and managing relapses
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