EntireCare offers Complete Decongestive Therapy for cancer patients

Lymphedema – a common side effect of cancer treatments – is chronic swelling caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system preventing lymph fluid from draining properly. Although lymphedema is not curable, Complete Decongestive Therapy, or CDT, can help patients manage uncomfortable symptoms. Therapists at EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine are specially trained in treating patients using CDT. 

The goal of the treatment program is to decrease overall edema, pain and discomfort using techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, assessing compression garment needs and providing proper skin care to prevent infections.

To make an appointment with a CDT specialist, call EntireCare in Flagstaff at 928-773-2125; in Sedona at 928-282-6775; or in Cottonwood at 928-639-6383.

Often my clients tell me how much chronic edema negatively impacts their quality of life. I love when my clients experience the freedom of mobility and self-confidence that comes with getting the edema under control.

Teanna Hall, occupational therapist at EntireCare’s clinic at Flagstaff Medical Center

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