EntireCare athletic trainers in Verde Valley high schools

EntireCare Rehab & Sports Medicine not only provides inpatient and outpatient therapy services, but now an EntireCare athletic trainer is providing assessments and injury management to students at Mingus Union High School in Cottonwood.

Student athletes are susceptible to a variety of medical conditions, such as concussions, muscle strains, broken bones and fatigue related injuries. To mitigate the risk, athletic trainer Jazmine Roland consults with student athletes during practices and games, offering preventative care, strengthening and flexibility techniques and advice on proper athletic wear.

Following Roland’s consultation, which includes an analysis of previous injury, she may recommend follow up with the students’ primary care provider or a consultation with an orthopedic provider.

For Roland, helping student athletes is a matter of personal and professional investment: she graduated MUHS in 2010 before receiving her bachelor’s degree in athletic training.

An EntireCare athletic trainer is scheduled to begin a similar program this summer at Sedona Red Rock High School. EntireCare hopes to roll this program out in Camp Verde soon.