Learning about our student process

Welcome to the Northern Arizona Healthcare Student Process page. All students seeking a clinical rotation at any NAH facility must follow the process outlined in the Student Process Directions form.

Student Process information

  • The NAH Education Department coordinates with other department directors to ensure they are able to accommodate school and student requests; and with the NAH Legal Department to ensure a contract is in place. The student and/or institution should not contact the clinical area directly. All clinical rotations must be arranged through the Education Department. For more information, please contact us .
  • All students are required to complete the current year’s Student Module. All nursing students are required to complete the Student ACCU-Check Inform II Module. These modules can be completed through the Learning Management System, or LMS, by following this link, NAH Learning Management System (LMS) for community members.
  • Processing of student paperwork takes about 48 hours; please plan accordingly as you cannot be in any area of the hospital without completing this process. Students must repeat this process each year; badges expire every May.
  • Please remember it is Northern Arizona Healthcare's policy that no individual is allowed in the hospital without an ID badge. If a student does not have a badge, he or she will not be allowed to start a rotation in any area of the hospital. Please refer students without badges to Human Resources or Education.

Additional resources

You can download and complete any of the following forms that may be required for the Student Process: