Coconino County judge sends hospital referendum to Flagstaff voters 

Today, Coconino County Superior Court Judge Brent D. Harris allowed a referendum to proceed that seeks to overturn City of Flagstaff zoning approval to build a replacement hospital. Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) requested judicial intervention due to misleading and incorrect language used in the petition for the referendum that voters signed to refer the zoning decision to the ballot. 

NAH supports the public’s right to refer a city council decision to the ballot. The organization challenged the case solely because voters were told NAH would be constructing retail and commercial buildings, rather than a hospital and ambulatory care center. In fact, NAH is strictly prohibited from opening retail and commercial businesses on the land in question, and can only construct a hospital, ambulatory care center, open space and parking on the rezoned site.  

NAH plans to appeal the decision because voters deserve to understand the issue at hand is hospital construction, not retail and commercial business construction. Absent appellate court intervention, the referendum will proceed to the November Flagstaff Special Election Ballot.