About healthcare informatics

Healthcare in the U.S. is facing more regulatory influence over the next decade than it has in the entire past century.  It’s no mystery that the primary driver for these new regulations is financial.  With US healthcare spending rapidly approaching 3 trillion dollars annually, changes had to be made, legislation has now been passed, and we must comply if we are to continue to meet our mission of improving the health of the people and communities we serve.

We are well aware that much of the change that will be occurring over the next several years will have a tremendous impact on our physician partners and their practices, and we will strive to make that transition as painless as possible.  To that end, our ability to meet or exceed these federal mandates will be crucial to our financial viability.

The grand plan behind the legislation is to transform the US healthcare system into a data sharing model in which physicians will have much better access to historic patient data through a network of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).  All of this is a movement towards Value Based Purchasing (VBP) where the hospitals and physicians will be held jointly accountable for the health and wellness of the population we serve.