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NAH Joint Replacement Program

Household chores

Save energy and protect your joints: 


  • Do not get down on your knees to scrub floors. Use a mop and long-handled brushes.
  • Plan ahead! Gather all your cooking supplies at one time. Then, sit to prepare your meal.
  • Place frequently used cooking supplies and utensils where they can easily be reached without too much bending or stretching.
  • For a better working height, use a high stool or put cushions on your chair when preparing a meal. 


  • Do not get down on your knees to scrub floors. Use a mop and long-handled brushes.
  • Pre-install grab bars if needed.
  • Remove rugs that can easily be tripped over. 

All rooms or areas

  • Pick up throw rugs and tack down loose carpeting. Cover slippery surfaces with carpets that are firmly anchored to the floor or have non-skid backs.
  • Be aware of all floor hazards such as pets, small objects or uneven surfaces.
  • Provide good lighting throughout. Install nightlights in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways.
  • Keep extension cords and telephone cords out of pathways. Do not run wires under rugs, this can be a fire hazard.
  • Sit in chairs with arms to make getting up easier.
  • Rise slowly from a sitting or lying position so as not to get light-headed.
  • Do not lift heavy objects for the first three months, and then only with your Surgeon’s permission.
  • Stop and think. Use good judgment. Remember, your judgment may be slightly impaired while on pain medications.