Renal Services

Learning about our renal services

Our acute hemodialysis program is a treatment program for inpatients, with dialysis offered in the renal department or the patient’s room. Board-certified nephrologists order dialysis services, and  registered nurses with specialized training in dialysis, along with certified clinical hemodialysis technicians, provide care and treatment.

We use equipment and online resources that include:

  • Dialysis machines.
  • Continuous monitoring equipment to monitor patients vital signs.
  • Online kinetic assessment.
  • Patient hypertension management.
  • Dialysate management.
  • Remote service diagnostics.
  • Treatment records management and automatic blood pressure monitoring system.

Patient education from your physicians and nurses includes:

  • Diet.
  • Treatment options.
  • Medication.
  • Questions about a diagnosis.

During renal procedures at Northern Arizona Healthcare, a videotape is played for patients and families to provide additional educational support.