Northern Arizona Healthcare Valley View Care

Frequently asked questions about volunteering at Northern Arizona Healthcare Valley View Care

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about being a volunteer at Northern Arizona Healthcare Valley View Care.

What types of volunteer opportunities are there?
  • Family Support Volunteer – These volunteers are assigned to a patient to provide support and companionship for both the patient and the family. A warm and caring person is needed in this role. These volunteers visit, relieve the caregiver of responsibility for short periods and, most importantly, listen.
  • Office Volunteer –These volunteers help coordinate some of the paperwork involved in the everyday tasks of the organization. On occasion, they use their phone skills. An organized, caring person would do well in this role.
  • Fundraising Volunteer – Some patients are not covered by Medicare or private insurance. Therefore, we try to cover the cost of their care through fundraising activities and volunteer programs. Organizational and creative skills are integral to this role.  
I’m retired and travel during the year. Can I still volunteer?

Many of our volunteers travel frequently, so as a group, our volunteers regularly fill in for each other as needed.

Would I be expected to work completely on my own?

No, volunteers function as a team. The volunteer coordinator will keep you informed and up to date; weekly case conferences will update you on your patient’s needs and you will always have the option to call us with questions.

Will I be asked to do things I may not want to do?

As a volunteer, you always have the option to say yes or no to any requests. Volunteers and patients are matched based on mutual requests, and volunteers offer what they can to their matched families.

How do I become a Northern Arizona Healthcare Valley View Care volunteer?

Volunteer training sessions are held two or three times a year. Call 928-634-1700 to find out when the next session begins.