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First colleagues have been vaccinated for COVID-19 using the Moderna vaccine!

2020 may be the longest year in our known memory but at last, Northern Arizona Healthcare is excited to announce that this morning the first colleagues have been vaccinated for COVID-19 using the Moderna vaccination. 

Nick Schumacher, RNP-ICU at Flagstaff Medical Center, said, "We're all really, really excited. We've been waiting for this since the early days of this pandemic. This is going to be our best chance to get a leg up and start knocking back this disease."  

Today, several colleagues from our ICU departments in Flagstaff and Cottonwood received their first dose of a two-part vaccine. Our most vulnerable colleagues and front-line staff have opportunity to receive the vaccine first.  

Senior leaders at NAH are focused on administering the vaccine to those on the front-line of the pandemic and healthcare workers, and then will focus on vulnerable community members in the next phase of distribution.  

Visit NAHealth.com/covid-19-resources for information surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.