Patients listed in the directory

Media inquiries regarding patients listed in a facility's patient directory

In order to assist family members and others, each NAH facility maintains a patient directory, which includes the patient’s name, room number and general condition. If a patient does not want to be included in the directory, he or she must sign a Notice to Patients Requesting No Information/Special Confidentiality form.
Information regarding patients under the age of 18 can be released with the consent of a parent or legal guardian, in accordance with this policy. Minors who are authorized to consent to specific medical procedures can approve release of information in accordance with this policy. 
As mandated by HIPAA, NAH can release information about a patient's general condition to the media only if the patient is listed in the directory and the media representative specifically identifies the patient by name. No information will be released if a request does not include a specific patient name.
Only a representative from NAH Public Relations may release patient information to the media.
Before releasing information to the media, the NAH Public Relations representative will check the facility directory to ensure that the patient is listed. If the patient is not listed in the directory, the Public Relations representative will not release any information to the media, even with regard to the presence of the patient at the hospital.
If the patient is listed in the directory, the NAH Public Relations representative will contact the shift coordinator, department director, clinical coordinator or the patient’s physician or nurse for correct details before releasing information to the media.