2016 Quarterly Champions

October - December champions


Nathan Hopkins, RN

Department: Emergency Department
Campus: Flagstaff Medical Center
NAH values: Patients, Safety, Integrity

Nate had a patient who, in his opinion, did not look well but was ordered to be discharged. The patient’s oxygen saturation level, on room air, was extremely low. Nate contacted the primary physician several times and "dragged his feet" on the discharge. In the end, the primary physician agreed it was unsafe to send the patient home, reversed the discharge order and kept the patient another day. The patient's spouse was very pleased with Nate’s advocacy. Thanks to Nate for advocating for a patient when it mattered most.


Tyler Coe

Department: Emergency Department
Campus: Verde Valley Medical Center
Values: Patients, Integrity

Patients in the Emergency Department often have compliments about Tyler. Recently, an older couple (married for 50 years) cried when talking about how Tyler gave them “a little song and dance” that brought both of them some unexpected joy. The wife mentioned it was an older song that most people would not even know existed. Thanks to Tyler for the healing he brings to so many lives in the ED.