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Marco Castrita

Before joining Fit Kids of Arizona, 9-year-old Marco Castrita didn’t want to play sports, hike or even learn to ride his bike. He lacked the confidence to try new activities and, if he had it his way, he would watch TV and eat pizza every night for dinner.

Now, his favorite activity is riding his bike.

Marco’s parents were worried he was headed down a path of poor health that could affect him for years to come. After hearing about Fit Kids of Arizona, Marco’s mom, Erica Castrita, contacted his pediatrician to see if he qualified for the program. Just a few
short weeks later, Marco and his mom were meeting the Fit Kids team and Marco was on his way to finding more confidence and to living a healthier, more active life.

“Fit Kids really made a difference in Marco. He is so much happier, healthier, outgoing and confident – even his teachers and other family members have noticed the change in him,” Erica said. “Before Fit Kids, it was nearly impossible to get Marco to join in family outdoor activities, now he is the one in the lead when we go hiking. We can hardly get him off his bike; it is his new best friend.”

In addition to increasing outdoor activities, the Castrita family has embraced other healthy choices through the guidance of Fit Kids. “We eat at home more often than we eat out, and we keep a large supply of veggies and fruit for snacks,” Erica said. “Thanks to Fit Kids, the entire family is healthier.”

Marco is achieving the goals set by the program – he is growing into his weight, reducing
his body mass index and body fat percentage and he is learning to make healthy choices.
“National statistics show approximately three out of 10 elementary-age kids are overweight
or obese, or are at risk of being overweight, which can lead to more serious health
conditions,” said Rich Henn, B.S.N., M.Ed., Fit Kids of Arizona director.

“At Fit Kids, our mission is to improve the health of children by promoting healthy lifestyles. We match each child and family with a team of medical, nutritional, fitness and behavioral experts who work together to identify concerns and problem areas and sets individual goals for the participant and family members. They meet on a regular basis to log progress and chart improvements.”