Our Services

Modes of Transport

Guardian Air utilizes six Bell 407s, a Pilatus PC-12 and a Critical Care Ambulance. With these three methods of moving patients we have the capability of providing the safest and most appropriate mode of transport for our patients.






Bell 407

  • Speed: 140 mph  
  • Night vision goggle equipped
  • High-altitude capability including exceptional hover performance
  • Capable of reaching remote areas





Pilatus PC-12 

  • Speed: 230 mph
  • Rugged, short runway landing capabilities
  • Extra large patient loading door
  • Space available for family members to travel with patient at no charge
                    • Two-patient capabilities

Aircraft operated by Air Methods, Inc.



Critical Care ambulance

Modifications from most standard ambulances:

  • Carries up to four main Oxygen and/or Medical Air Cylinders
  •  Bariatric ramp and winch system
  • Automatic chains for safety in inclement weather

Ambulance operated in partnership with Guardian Medical Transport.