All FMC employees and all Flagstaff-based NAH employees will receive a year-long ecoPass. FMC purchased these transit passes for a discounted rate through a program by the Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA).

The primary goal of the ecoPass program is to provide affordable commuting options to employees. The ecoPass entitles employees to unlimited access on all Mountain Line Transit routes, seven days a week, regardless of the trip’s purpose. Participation in this program helps reduce traffic congestion, cuts down on parking problems, reduces air pollution and expands the range of cyclists and walkers.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program
In addition to unlimited public transit access, the program also includes a guaranteed ride home program, to provide additional security and peace of mind for employees who commute by bus.  The program allows employees who commute to work (by means other than a single-occupancy vehicle) to use a taxi for emergency trips that will be provided at no cost to the employee.

How Guaranteed Ride Home Works
Taxi rides can be used for emergencies such as:

  • The employee or a family member (spouse, child or grandparent) suffers an illness, injury or other emergency.
  • The employee’s home or property is damaged by fire, burglary or acts of nature.
  • There is a hospitalwide emergency and no other travel option is available.
  • The employee must work unscheduled overtime (supervisor authorization is required).
  • Similar unanticipated or emergency situations, as judged by the employee’s supervisor.

When an employee has an emergency on a day they commute to work via any means other than driving alone, they obtain a signed taxi voucher from their designated coordinator or HR administrator who will then call a taxi from the taxi provider list. NAIPTA will pay for the ride by being invoiced by the taxi company.

Why Offer a Guaranteed Ride Home Program?
Research has shown that one of the main reasons many people drive alone to work is the security of having a car available to them in case of an emergency such as a family member becoming ill unexpectedly or is injured. By providing a free ride home in these situations, we can increase the number of employees who will carpool, take a bus or walk to work. This program is a strategy to help manage the demand that is placed upon our road systems, reduce congestion and increase the efficiency of our existing roads.

Frequently Asked Questions about ecoPass

Does it cost me anything to get my ecoPass?
No.The organization purchased the passes on behalf of employees.

What do I need to do to get my ecoPass?
You may pick up your ecoPass in Human Resources anytime Monday - Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Does my ecoPass expire?
Yes.The ecoPass is good for one year and expires on June 30th of each year.

Can I purchase the ecoPass for other family members?
The ecoPass can only be purchased by employers for their employees as a group employee benefit package. This program does not apply to family members.

Is the ecoPass transferable?
No, the pass is only valid for the identified employee. However, discounted monthly passes are available through Mountain Line, with additional discounts for senior citizens and children 17 years old and younger.

Is the ecoPass cheaper than an individual monthly pass?
Yes. The cost-per-employee is based on the size of the workforce and can be up to one-twelfth the cost of an individual monthly pass.

What if I terminate my employment?
Your ecoPass is good only as long as you are employed with FMC. All passes must be turned in upon termination.

What if I lose my pass?
Report the lost pass to Human Resources. Lost passes cost $20 for a first-time replacement and $40 each additional time.